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Web development in XXI century

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Web development in XXI century

Web site on the internet must be done by web developer. Developers are doing design and all the programming. For example, the client has a vision and developers are helping to create a new web site. Of course, there is a list of tasks that developer must accomplished. It may include web design, network security configuration, server scripting etc… Teams of web development sometimes can include hundreds of people. On the other side, smaller one can have only graphic designer, contracting developer and technician. They are collaborating all together on the tasks.

dropbox-logoThis kind of development is always growing industry. Online products and customers are pushing forward this kind of industry. Open source systems can be used by the public. Example is LAMP and it’s always free for download online. Using WYSIWYG software anyone can learn how to develop basic web page. Is required to use HTML or other programming language. The basic things can be learn very quickly using the technical books, tutorials, or simply working with someone who knows how to make web page.

Web Developers are helped by set of tools. These tools and technologies are growing fast. This services are DropBox, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud. Users can interact with apps from and to many locations. It is very simple and with good internet connection it can be very fast.

From site that sales to social networks, everyone is connected and it makes life easier and much faster. Sites are helping us to communicate faster and that is very helpful in this fast world. Websites ( social networks ) like Facebook and Twitter, can be used as great marketing and self-promotion. It’s all about sponsored posts and clicks. It depends on how much you pay for it, of course.

There are two basic skills for web developers: Information architecture and copywriting/editing and graphic/web design. Next to website it is always a test site. Many developers love play games and they have best gaming laptop for it. There can be tested a new website. Developers make sure that everything works nicely before it goes live on the internet. After that it can be public. There is a live site also and it is run from a separate server. Developers make changes on sites before launching online. Testing depends on how organization work and how big it is.

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There are many web developer courses. It practically means that you don’t need a diploma to get hired and learn. It is all about practice. It cannot be learn over the night, but if person has persistence it can be done. Web development is very important nowadays and it is always be.

wad-customThese days, there are many tools that can help developers. Some of them are: Gridgum, Html5 Maker, Icon Maker, Themify… Also, the books are always helpful. Some of these are always on the market, so you can check it out: CSS: The Missing Manual, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide,Agile Web Development with Rails, Programming PHP, Learning Python, A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming and many others that you can find on the internet.

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